Orbit 1-Station Sprinkler System with Blu-Lock Fittings and B-hyve XD Hose Faucet Timer

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1-Station Sprinkler Kit
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The patented Blu-lock tubing system uses a revolutionary stainless steel retaining ring that grips the flexible pipe from the outside permitting a quick, easy to slide on fitting which installs 80 percent faster and is 25 percent stronger than traditional barb fittings.

  • Everything you need, kit contains digital timer, 6 high efficiency sprinklers, Blu-lock tubing and fittings, tubing cutter, and 200 lb pressure gauge.
  • Fast and easy installation, Blu-lock has reduced required insertion force by half of traditional barb fittings, making installations faster and easier on your hands.
  • Push on quick release fittings, Blu-lock quick release collars allow for easy removal, yet the stronger the water pressure, the more the retaining rings grip the pipe to ensure against leaks.
  • Environmentally friendly, Blu-lock requires no glue or plumbers tape, protecting the environment from harmful chemicals used with traditional pvc fittings.
  • Conserve water, the timer features rain delay so you arent watering in the rain.
  • Flexible programming, a run time of 1 to 240 minutes, with intervals from every 6 hours to once every 7 days.

Special Edition with B-hyve XD (OP-24632) hose faucet timer


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