Orbit® Easy Set Logic Controllers.

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9 Station - Green Indoor/Outdoor Model
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This straightforward, user-friendly sprinkler controller combines simplicity of operation with feature-rich flexibility. For starters, the Orbit Swing Panel timer is enclosed in an indoor/outdoor UL approved case capable of 4, 6, 9 or 12 watering stations. Each model offers three independent programs – A and B and C – with up to four start times per program. Water conservation features? Of course! The Swing Panel timer water budgeting feature allows you to set watering durations from 10 to 200 percent of the programmed time, in 10 percent increments. There’s even a station advance button that lets you skip to the next station while watering. Plus, you’ll appreciate the simplicity of the large, easy-to- read LCD display, as well as the big buttons and dial – the perfect enhancements for easy user operation.


  • Fast to Program—Large dial, oversized LCD display, make programming quick and easy.
  • Fast to Install—Factory-installed plug-and-go power cord means no in-field transformer wiring is required.
  • Hinged Panel—Door allows quick and easy access to valve wiring (shown on back).


  • Watering Budgeting—Match seasonal watering requirements by increasing or decreasing the durations of the stations in any of the two programs from 10%~200% of base schedule.
  • Rain Delay—Rain sensor bypass technology allows manual or automatic rain delay of 24-hours, 48-hours and 72-hours.
  • 24 Volt Out Rain Sensor Terminals—Make installation of wireless rain sensor receiver quick and convenient.


  • Three Programs—Programs A, B and C offer multi-use and flexible watering schedules by days of the week, even or odd days, or at intervals of 1 to 32 days.
  • 4 Start Times Per Program—Flexibility to manage schedules for variable plant requirements and soil types.
  • Program Data Safely Stored—Power out? Batteries run down? No worries! All programming information is stored.
  • Manual Advance—One-button station affords convenience of quick select and advance during manual watering.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Cabinet—Weather tight and locking for safety, security and peace of mind.


  • Station Timing: From 1–240 minutes
  • Automatic Starts: Up to 12 start times per day
  • Programming Schedule: Days of week, watering intervals and odd/even days
  • Rain Delay: Setting for 24, 48 and 72 hours
  • Water Budgeting: Adjusts for seasonal watering demands (10% to 200% in 10% increments)


  • Transformer Output: 24VAC/26VAC, 600mA
  • Battery Backup: 3V lithium (program saved in non-volatile memory)
  • Wire Terminal: Tool-less color coded
  • Pump Start Terminal
  • Surge Protection: Primary input has built-in MOV (metal oxide varistor), valve wire MOV protects against lightning strikes

    Compatible with all major brands of controllers including Hunter®, Irritrol®, Nelson®, Rainbird® and Toro®.

    6 year warranty

"Easy Set Logic" Video

Easy Set Logic Controller Video


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