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Ensemble de 3 Pistolets d'Arrosage

This wand and nozzle set is designed for all of your watering needs. The turret wand offer 10 spray patterns; find the right one for every task in the home and garden. The turret nozzle offers 7 spray patterns; from a gentle spray for gardens to a hard spray perfect for clearing away debris. The adjustable nozzle is fully adjustable and will spray from a fine mist for watering delicate plants to a jet stream for cleaning sidewalks and driveways. The nozzles include flow control knobs for custom water pressure, allowing a quick adjustment to the flow of water without going back to the faucet. A locking mechanism on the trigger holds the trigger in place, allowing continuous water flow which helps reduce hand fatigue.


  • 1 pistolet modèle à tourelle à 10 positions ajustables
  • 1 pistolet modèle à bec ajustable
  • 1 mini lance à tourelle de 35 cm (14")
  • Coupleurs rapides pour brancher et débrancher rapidement

Garantie de 3 ans.

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