Blu-Lock® - 1" Nitro Saddle Body


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1" Nitro Saddle Body
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Just Strap It and Tap It!

The Blu-Lock® Nitro® Saddle Tee will do so much for the convenience factor in working with poly pipe, irrigation installers may begin leaving their tools in the truck.

To make a rock solid connection for spray heads anywhere along the line, all you do is wrap and lock the heavy gauge ratcheting saddle around the pipe, then turn the piercing cap all the way down to its locked position.

There’s less digging needed for clearance. And when the system is pressurized, the connection gets even stronger, guarding against water leaks and waste.

Quick installation

  • Simple one-hand application – just strap it and tap it.
  • No fasteners or tools required.
  • Installs with less excavation.

    Durable, worry-free design

  • Positive locking saddle strap and cap won’t work loose and leak.
  • Provides an even tighter seal with water pressure.
  • Nearly indestructible design and materials – reduced chance of callbacks.

    Better flow

  • When cap is locked, flow ports automatically align with flow direction.
  • Flow port shape and automatic alignment maximize available pressure for enhanced irrigation performance.

Comment installer une sellette Nitro pour tuyau Blu-Lock

No Tools - Just push the saddle until it clicks, twist in the tap, and attach the swing pipe.

Comment installer une sellette Nitro pour tuyau Blu-Lock

How to put your Saddle Tee on Blu-Lock Pipe


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