Orbit® B-hyve Gen 2 WiFi Hub for XD Timers

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Orbit B-hyve Gen 2 WiFi Hub
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The B-hyve Gen 2 Wi-Fi Hub is a USB Wi-Fi bridge for use with B-hyve Bluetooth devices. This hub will enable Wi-Fi features inherent in B-hyve Bluetooth devices only. Wi-Fi features include, control from anywhere on your smart device, instant notifications and more.

  • Enable the wi-fi features in B-hyve bluetooth devices
  • Compatible with XD timers or flood sensors
  • Only 1 hub is needed to control multiple B-hyve devices within 150 ft.
  • Includes wall adapter: input 100-Volt to 240-Volt to 50/60 Hz 0.2 Amp output 5-Volt-1.0 Amp
  • Requires a wi-fi connection
  • Indoor use only
This hub works with XD timers or flood sensors model numbers 24511, 24516, 24632, 24537, 24634, 54539, 71000, 71003, and 71005.


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