PEX Cinch Clamps

The pinch clamps utilizes a stainless steel stepless clamp that together with brass insert fittings provides a permanent, leak proof connection which can be installed in seconds.

The pinch clamps ratchet tool is the one tool for all connections on all sizes of PEX tubing (3/8" through 1") No other tools or adapters are required and no calibration is necessary. The ratchet tool will only release when the assembly is completed.

The pinch clamps simplifies the assembly process. The pinch clamps crimp ring creates a water tight seal by grabbing hold and compressing the PEX tubing onto the insert fitting.

  • Use with pinch clamp tool

Only for PEX tubing. Do not use with irrigation tubing.

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3/4" SS Cinch Clamps
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1" SS Cinch Clamps
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