Rain Bird Rotor Nozzle Set for 42SA+, 52SA, 5000 Series | 4252NZLPK | W42011 | 5000RCTREE | Y04500

Rain Bird® nozzle sets help you save water and maximize the performance of your Rain Bird 42SA+ and 5000+ Series Rotors and 52SA Series. Rotors apply different amounts of water depending on the pattern that they are set to water. For example, a rotor set to water just 1/4 of a circle applies more water in that area than a rotor set to water a full 360°, assuming the nozzles are the same. Changing nozzles can help even out the amount of water being sprayed between rotors that are set for different patterns. This will help maintain a healthier lawn and save water.

Nozzle Set for Rain Bird 5000 Rotors.

  • Nozzles: 8 interchangeable standard trajectory.
  • Nozzles: 4 interchangeable low angle trajectory.
  • Discharge rate: .7 to 9.6 GPM.
  • Rain Curtain technology.
  • Fits on Rain Bird 5000, 5004PL-PC, 5004PL-FC, 5006PL-PC, 5006PL-FC, 5012PL-PC and 5012PL-FC and 42SA+ Plus and 52SA Series Rotors
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Nozzle Set for Rain Bird 5000 Rotors
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