Turbo Style Pressure Compensating Emitter

A PC emitter with a turbulent flow path, sealed to maintain pre-set discharge rates and uniformity.

Pressure Compensating emitters suit installations where elevations and slopes normally create the need for complex system designs.

Ideal for orchards, fruit crops, plantations, nurseries and landscapes applications.


  • Dripper can be opened to facilitate easy cleaning.
  • UV stabilized materials for long life.
  • Manufactured from virgin plastic for stable performance.
  • 3 color coded flow rates: 1/2, 1 & 2 GPH.
  • Turbulent flow path with wide cross-sectional area ensures clog resistance.
  • Extended outlet facilitates use of PE extension tube or vinyl tube.
  • Can be inserted into directly into 1/2" poly tube by punching a hole into the 1/2 tubing and then inserting the dripper.
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    1/2 GPH (2L/H) - Yellow
    Quantity x 0.39$

    1 GPH (4L/H) - Black
    Quantity x 0.39$

    2 GPH (8L/H) - Blue
    Quantity x 0.39$


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